Online Yoga & Meditation

A 30 minute online (Zoom) session – £10 per person

So can either book your own private 30 minute session or share the session with friends from your own separate homes.


After booking a session of your choice, I will send you a consultation form. Then on completion of the form we will schedule in a mutually convenient appointment time.

You can choose from:

  • Yoga (I will guide you through a series of yogic stretches and asanas, suitable for your level of fitness / health)
  • Yoga & Meditation (Gentle yoga stretches and a guided meditation session)
  • Massage, Yoga & Meditation (In this session I will guide you through a relaxing routine which combines self massage, yoga stretching and guided meditation)

To get the most from your online yoga / holistic session

  • Dress comfortably to allow free and easy movement
  • Make sure the room you are in is warm enough, quiet and free from disturbances
  • Switch off all phones and devices that are not needed for the session
  • Have a glass of water nearby

To book a session either send your payment to via PayPal to or email me directly to arrange bank transfer.